RV Site Reservation Policies

Minimum stay 2 nights – Monthly Rate Based on 30 day Month
ID must be presented upon check-in, including any identification required for discounts
Nightly rates include full hook-up site, fees, electric, tax and use of all resort amenities

Cottage Reservation Policies

2-night minimum stay per reservation
No WHR cabin packages or cabin coupons will be honored

Deposit/Cancellation Policy

Deposit in the amount of one night’s stay will be taken at time of reservation for stays of less than one week. Deposit in the amount of one week’s stay will be taken for stays of eight days through three weeks. For stays of less than one month, a 72-hour notice is required for a refund less a $30 cancellation fee. Deposit of $500 for stays of one month or longer with a 30-day cancellation notice prior to arrival  required for a refund less a $50 cancellation fee.  No refunds will be given on less than  a 30 day notice prior to arrival date.  Only funds drawn on a U.S. bank are accepted.

Resort Policies

Guests must follow all resort guidelines, as listed below, while staying at Casa Grande RV Resort. It is the guest’s responsibility to read and abide by all rules as established.

1. Check-In: Please check-in at the main office upon arrival at the resort prior to parking at your site. Please pull to the staging area for check-in. Check-in will be handled as you arrive with your RV, between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday – Saturday and 8:30am – 1:00pm on Sunday. ID must be presented at check-in. Late arrivals must make arrangements in advance for a check-in packet to be left for them after office hours. Towed vehicles should be unhooked on the street at your site.

2. Check-Out: Please check out or re-register by 11:00 am.

3. Site / Resort Fees: All fees will be collected at check-in. Only funds drawn in U.S. funds will be accepted.

4. Site Assignment: Once a site has been assigned – it is your home for the duration of your initial stay (except that your site may be changed for good cause such as maintenance as determined by the Manager). Enjoy! However, if you buy a week out, you may be moved to a new site for that week out. At the end of your week out, if you extend your reservation, you may have to move again to a new site.

5. Sewer Requirements: All sewer connections must seal and lock air tight. AZ law prohibits formaldehyde products. Black and gray water must be dumped into specified sewer outlets only. You may be subject to State and City fines if found dumping in non-designated areas.

6. Unattended Sites: Please notify the office if you will be leaving your RV unattended overnight. Unattended RV’s may be removed from the site at the owner’s expense.

7. Ground Stakes: Please do not put stakes in the ground – you may damage our underground irrigation system.

8. Resort Courtesy: Please respect your neighbors – DO NOT cut through their site – please keep noise to a minimum.

9. Guests: All residents are responsible for their conduct and that of their guests, children & pets and for any damages resulting from their actions.

10. Children: Children under 14 must be supervised by an adult at all time within the resort. Please ensure that children follow appropriate safety rules while biking, swimming or participating in any other activities. Children under 14 are not allowed in the spa.

11. Speed Limits: Please observe all posted speed limits (and stop signs) while in the resort.

12. Fires: Small outdoor propane fireplaces are allowed.

13. Site vehicle limits: Maximum of one RV and two vehicles per site. Please contact the office at check-in if you need storage for additional vehicles.

14. Trash Pick up: Please put your trash in a plastic bag that is tied up out at the street in front of your site by 9:00am each day for pick-up. The trash will be picked up each morning. Please Do Not leave your trash out overnight.

15. Pets: Pets are welcome but must be on a short leash and attended, if outside. Pets are not allowed in any resort buildings or swimming pool and patio areas. Owners must pick up after pets – please carry plastic bags for deposit in dumpsters. If pets are tied outside, the tether cannot be longer than 8 feet. Pets must be kept quiet at all times. If a pet is a threat to a guest, the owner may be asked to remove the animal from the resort. Please use common areas when walking pets.

16. Quiet Hours: Please observe quiet hours between 10:00pm and 8:00am each day to allow for all guests to experience a good night’s rest.

17. Mail: Mail will be accepted for registered guests only and will be available during office hours. The resort accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged mail packages.

18. Soliciting: No soliciting of resort staff or guests is permitted on the property. This behavior is considered disruptive, and you will be asked to leave the resort. This does not include resort events planned in advance.

19. Swimming Pools: Pools and spa are open 24 hrs for your enjoyment. Please be aware that there is NO lifeguard on duty. Proper attire is required. See rules posted in pool area for more information.

20. Craft Sales: All items for sale are to be sold at our craft sales held in the clubhouse twice a month. No items are to be sold at your site except on scheduled patio sale days.

21. Activities: Sign-up sheets for all activities are located in the dining room. Check the activity schedules in your welcome packet or in the wall rack in the dining room for times and sign-up deadlines.

22. Facilities Closures: Facilities may be temporarily closed for private parties, maintenance or other health and safety related issues. Please observe all closed signs as posted.

23. Firearms: Firearms must be kept in a safe and secure place in accordance with State and Federal laws. Loaded firearms are not allowed within the resort.

24. Vehicles: All vehicles driven within the resort must be reasonably quiet and can only be driven on roadways. Only licensed drivers may operate a motorized vehicle within the resort.

25. Restrooms & Laundry Facilities: Dishwashing is prohibited in restrooms and laundry facilities for sanitary reasons. Quarters for laundry machines are NOT available at the office. There is NO PARKING in front of the laundry. This area can be used only to drop off laundry, after which the vehicle must be moved to the front clubhouse parking lot. Please help us keep our facilities neat and clean so that everyone can enjoy them and please report any problems to the office.

26. Conserve: Please conserve water and be sure faucets are turned completely off.

27. RV/Vehicle Washing: Please obtain a permit at the office if you desire to wash your RV or other vehicle, including if you are having it washed by an outside service. RVs can be washed only by owners and outside independent, companies that have been specifically approved and registered by management.

28. RV Repair: Repair or maintenance to a vehicle or an RV is prohibited within the resort, except by authorized vendors.

29. Smokers: AZ law prohibits smoking in all buildings. Please observe other “NO SMOKING” areas and dispose of your cigarettes properly – do not toss them on the ground.

30. Propane: Propane is available in the resort twice a week. If you have a trailer or 5th wheel, place the bottle at the street in front of your rig. Cards are available in the office to place in your window to alert the driver.